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Surface treatment

HASL, Gold plating, Immersion gold,Immersion tin, Immersion silver, Gold fingers (Hard gold), OSP

Count of layers

double-side to above 40 layers

Min track width

3mil (0.076mm)

Min track space

3mil (0.076mm)

Min space between track to pad, pad to pad

3mil (0.076mm)

Minimum drill hole diameter

6mil (0.15mm) mechanical drill; 4mil (laser drill);

Min pads for vias

12mil (0.3mm)

Max aspect ratio


Max PCB dimension

23 x 35 inches (584.2 x 889.0mm)

PCB thickness

8.27-275.8mil (0.21-7.0mm)

Max copper weight

10 OZ

Soldermask bridge between solder dam

4mil (0.10mm)

Minimum soldermask annular

1.5mil (0.038mm)

Soldermask colors

green, yellow, black, blue, matte, semi-matte, transparent LPI solder mask and peelable soldermask

Plugged hole size

0.15mm- 0.5mm

Special material:

HTG FR4, high frequency (Rogers, Teflon, ARLON, TYCONIC), halogen free, different material mixing laminating

Special techniques

blind and buried vias (min hole size is 0.1 mm), high layer with heavy copper


the copper foil is 1OZ and 0.5OZ, If the copper foil is above 2OZ (including 2OZ), the above parameter will be changed.