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JSD Circuit "Delivery on time" characteristic has won widely recognition from its market. JSD Circuit products are extensively used in communications,network, industrial control, computer applications, and national defense, aerospace and medical fields.

  • JSD PCB will reply Customer's any enquiry within 1 hours.
  • More than 200 type of PCB can be worked out Every day.
  • 24 hours technique Support.
  • 24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.
  • 24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.
  • Experienced Impedance Designer.
  • Supply the best project fit for production customized.


High frequency base material, Arlon, Nelco,Rogers, Taconic, thermoset, PTFE, BT-epoxy,Mixed dielectric, impedance control.

Advanced routing – depth controlled routing, cavities, channels, counter sink, slots.Plugged, epoxy-filled and overplated vias.Microvia, blind vias, hidden vias, plugged vias.

Hot Air Solder Leveling –lead-free and Sn-Pb, ENIG, ASIG, SIT, OSP, Plated Gold, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Carbon Oil.


Our product covers from common FR-4 boards, High Tg FR-4 boards to microvia solutions, plugged via-holes, peelable mask, metal backed boards, and flex-rigid boards.

Metal backed multilayer board. Alumium plated bonded with non-flow prepreg.

We can also offer other advanced metal core solutions. Z-axis routing and plated board edges with nickel-gold.Black soldermask.


Rigid-flex – also with microvia, Impedance-control and carrier. Up to18 layers rigid-flex.

Mixed dielectric build-up. Arlon thermoset material laminated together with FR-4 forming a 3-layer high frequency board.

Power board with heavy copper,140 µm copper thickness and lead-free HAL. We can offer copper thickness from 18 µm up to 350 µm.

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